The Best Bandung Tour Suitable For Families


Bandung tourism has been the prima donna of many people for a long time. Bandung is one of the cities that is quite interesting to be visited by domestic and foreign tourists.

Based on data from the Bandung City Culture and Tourism Office, the number of tourists visiting the flower city in 2020 was 3.2 million, up from the previous year’s 7.4 million. This figure is fairly high considering the pandemic conditions that limit travel.

But Bandung still has the attraction to become a tourist spot in the midst of the corona pandemic.

Best Bandung Tour Choice There are many tourist attractions in the city of Bandung. Starting from nature tourism, culinary tourism, to cultural tourism, everything is complete. The following are some recommendations for the best Bandung tourist attractions that are suitable to visit with family.

  1. Lembang Bamboo Village Tour

The first tourist spot in Bandung that you can visit with your family is Dusun Bambu. This tourist spot is in Lembang. Dusun Bambu offers various attractions, ranging from nature tourism, culinary tours, and various game rides.

This tour is also equipped with various instagramable photo spots. The entrance fee to the sauna is quite affordable, which is only Rp. 15,000 and you and your family can enjoy various facilities provided by the manager of this Dusun Bambu tourist spot.

  1. Ranca Upas Nature Tourism Another best Bandung tourist spot that you can visit with your family is nature tourism at Ranca Upas. Traveling there can relieve stress from daily activities. If you are bored with the situation in the city, nature tourism can be the solution.

Ranca Upas nature tourism can be one of the tourist destinations that you can visit with your family. There are lots of deer roaming around. Not only that you can also enjoy the cool air with beautiful green views and comfortable to look at.

  1. Saung Angklung Udjo Tour It has been previously mentioned that Bandung has a wide selection of tourist attractions. One of the choices of cultural attractions that can be visited with the family is a tour at Saung Angklung Udjo. In this place, you and your family can watch a beautiful angklung show.

This Bandung tour can also be a place of learning for children. Its position is in Cibeunying Kidul District, Bandung City. The strategic location makes this tourist spot always crowded with visitors, especially during the holiday season.

  1. Trans Studio Bandung The next choice of tourist destinations that you can visit with your family is Trans Studio Bandung. This place provides approximately 20 indoor or indoor playgrounds, so it is perfect for you and your family who don’t like outdoor activities.

Trans Studio Bandung provides restaurants and Trans Studio Mall which you can visit after tasting the rides at the Theme Park. This tourist location is quite strategic, namely on Jl. General Gatot Subroto no. 289 A, Cibangkong, Bandung City. If you are lucky, usually in this place there is also an entertainment stage which will make the atmosphere more fun.

  1. Floating Market Culinary Tour The next best Bandung tourist spot is culinary tourism at the Floating Market. In this place, you and your family can taste various types of culinary. Not only the food is delicious, this place also provides a very beautiful and refreshing view of the artificial reservoir.

If you are satisfied with tasting the culinary delights at the Floating Market, you and your family can also try other recreational areas such as the rabbit park, mini carnival, mini city, and various other fun recreational spots.

  1. Farmhouse Lembang The next Bandung tour option is Farm House Lembang. If you come to this tourist spot, you can interact directly with various farm animals in this Lembang Farm House. The cool and beautiful atmosphere makes many tourists feel at home to linger in this place.

  2. Ciwidey White Crater Nature Tour This natural tourism actually comes from the relics of the past. White Crater Ciwidey is a former crater of sulfur cross section during the Japanese colonial period. The uniqueness of this one crater is that the water is white like chalk. This is due to the relatively high sulfur content.

When it comes to this Bandung tourist spot, you will also find a Japanese cave that was thought to have been used as a mining operation. This cave is a special attraction for tourists. The beautiful view of the Ciwidey White Crater tourist spot is suitable for an instagramable photo hunting spot.

  1. Strawberry Garden Tour in Ciwidey Still in the Ciwidey area, the next recommended tourist spot that you can visit is the strawberry garden tour. This tourist spot features a beautiful strawberry garden area.

If you come with children, this place is suitable for learning, because in this place you and your family can directly pick strawberries from the tree. You can take the harvest you get home and enjoy it with your family at home.

The thing that is no less fun is that the strawberries grown in this garden have a quite unique shape. It is triangular in shape with an oval-shaped tip. Of course this can be new knowledge for you and your family.

  1. Maribaya Resort and Spa Bandung One of the goals of a vacation is to relieve fatigue. There are many tourist attractions that can be used as a place to forget all the fatigue from work. This Bandung tour can be used as a place to relieve fatigue, namely Maribaya Resort and Spa. In this place, you can be refreshing and relaxing at the same time.

In this place you can do a spa that will make the body more calm, comfortable, and also fit. Not only spa facilities that can pamper the body, the natural scenery can make you more relaxed and want to linger.

You can also try other fun facilities such as a sky bridge or a suspension bridge made of wood. The suspension bridge of Maribya Resort and Spa Bandung is unique because it stands between two cliffs.

From this bridge, you can enjoy beautiful and shady cliff views. Take it easy, even though it is made of wood, this bridge is strong enough so that you stay safe and comfortable while traveling.

  1. Tourist attractions Window Nature Bandung Another Bandung tourist spot that you can visit with your beloved family is the Jendela Alam Bandung tour. This tourist spot is very suitable for children’s educational tours. It’s no wonder that many schools make Jendela Alam a place for study tours.

As the name suggests, this one tourist spot brings visitors to learn about nature such as about plants and animals. It can also be a way of educating children about the importance of consuming vegetables, which are usually difficult to eat. With education in a fun vacation spot, they get learning and knowledge about various vegetables and the importance of vegetables for body health.

  1. Bandung City Hall Every city must have a city hall, and Bandung is no exception. Bandung City Hall can also be used as a tourist destination. The City Hall is located in the center of the city which is the center of government. There is an open garden that can be a place to relax with family, partner, or friends.

This city park located at Bandung City Hall is quite unique, unlike other city parks which are usually only flower gardens. In the city of Bandung, the city park is designed to be very contemporary and attractive. Some of the new spots include a puzzle garden. This uniqueness was the result of an idea from the Mayor of Bandung at that time, namely Ridwan Kamil.

The location of Bandung City Hall is very strategic and can be reached by using public transportation modes such as BRT. For those who are not citizens of Bandung, it will still be easier to access this tourist destination without being confused about having to use the type of transportation. Because, Bandung City Hall is also close to the station.

  1. Dago Bakery Tour in Punclut Punclut is one of the areas that is famous as a place that provides the most Sundanese restaurants. The culinary places here are like a complement to the beautiful natural scenery.

In Punclut there is a restaurant known as Dago Bakery Punclut. In this dining area, you can enjoy Bandung specialties, Indonesian specialties, to western-style food.

The uniqueness of this restaurant is the design of the building they built. Dago Bakery Punclut carries the theme of a classic European-style building that is very instagramable. Beautiful interior design supported by stunning natural scenery makes anyone feel at home when it comes to this one place.

  1. Pine Orchid Forest Tour Cikole The charm of the pine forest as a tourist destination is increasing. Now almost every area uses pine forests that are owned for tourist attractions. Bandung does not want to lose, now there is a pine forest tour known as Orchid Forest Cikole which is starting to be visited by many.

In this place there are often music festivals or other entertainment events which of course attract many domestic or national tourists to come to this one Bandung tourist spot. The pine forest is far from the city, so it is perfect for you and your family who want to take a break. The air there is still fresh and of course the view of the shady pine trees makes this place very charming.

  1. Tourist Attractions Villa Air Natural Resorts When on vacation with family, once in a while you can try a holiday style by staying overnight. In Bandung, there are many lodgings that are suitable as a vacation spot. One of them is Villa Air Natural Resort.

This villa has a unique atmosphere like in Japan’s cherry blossoms. To rent this villa is quite expensive, around Rp. 2.025,000 per night. But maybe it’s worth the atmosphere and facilities.

This place is located in the famous Lembang area. When you come and stay at this place, you will be presented with beautiful views that spoil the eyes. Many instagramable photo spots with a Japanese-style atmosphere that makes you feel like you are in the land of cherry blossoms.

  1. Cimahi Waterfall Nature Tourism The next Bandung tour that is suitable to visit with the family is Curug Cimahi which is also known as the rainbow waterfall. This tourist spot in Cisarua District has an entrance ticket price of IDR 15,000 per person, quite affordable compared to other tourist attractions.

Here, you can capture the moment by taking pictures at some of the best spots. Photos with a waterfall background surrounded by shady trees can make those who see it want to visit this tourist spot.

  1. Tangkuban Perahu Mountain Tour Mount Tangkuban Perahu is a very famous tourist destination from the city of Bandung. Therefore, for those of you who like to travel in mountainous areas, Mount Tangkuban Perahu can be one of the places on the list of tourist destinations.

Many people know Mount Tangkuban Perahu from a well-known folk tale, namely the Sangkuriang story. But apart from the story, Mount Tangkuban Perahu does have its own charm. The uniqueness of this mountain is the shape of the mountain that resembles an overturned boat like the folklore that is widely circulated.

The view of Mount Tanguban Perahu is unique and even more beautiful with the presence of two craters: Ratu and Domas. The crater of Mount Tangkuban Perahu has a fairly high sulfur content. Another attraction for tourists in this place is that they often try to boil eggs or other food in the crater.

  1. Ciater Hot Springs Tour The last choice of Bandung tourist attractions is Ciater Hot Springs. In this place, you and your family can soak comfortably in the hot water pool that has been provided. The hot water in this bathing place comes directly from the crater of Mount Tangkuban Perahu, so in addition to being warm, it will also be very refreshing when soaking in this place.

Ciater Hot Springs tourist attractions are highly recommended, considering the cold atmosphere of Bandung makes traveling in hot springs more enjoyable and suitable. The taste of warm water combined with cool air makes your body relax, as well as fresh.

Written on November 25, 2021