Bandung Tour at Night


Bandung Tour at Night — Congestion that often occurs in the city of Bandung certainly gives its own burden for those of you who do daily activities in this city, both working and continuing their studies. One way that you can do to unwind is to go for a walk at night. Enjoying the beautiful city of Bandung is no less exciting than visiting Bandung tours during the day.

The view that spoils the eye to the gentle breeze at night can certainly be an antidote to the stress that piles up. In addition to sitting relaxed accompanied by a warm drink, you can also capture the panorama in front of your eyes in the form of photos for you to upload to your social media accounts. If you are confused about which places you can visit, Bob has Bandung tourist attractions that you must visit at night.

Caringin Tilu The first Bandung tourist spot that can be an option for your night tour is Caringin Tilu. Caringin Tilu itself comes from the Sundanese language which means three banyan. In accordance with the pinned name, three banyans stand firmly in this area. When you are in Caringin Tilu, you will be presented with a panoramic view of the night of the city of Bandung that spoils the eyes. For the location itself, this Bandung tourist spot is in the Manglayang Mountains area and not far from Saung Angklung Udjo. Accompanied by snacks and warm drinks, of course your night will be much more exciting!

via Dago Tea House For those of you who want to feel the pleasure of seeing the lights of the city of Bandung while enjoying Sundanese art and cultural performances, Dago Tea House is a Bandung tourist spot that is suitable for you. Dago Tea House is included in one of the West Java cultural parks in the city of Bandung until it finally changed its name to the Cultural Park Management Center. For those of you who are curious, this Bandung tourist spot is located at Jalan Bukit Dago Selatan 53 A, Dago, which is open from 10 am to 9 pm.

via Punclut (Puncak Ciumbuleuit) If you are the one who wants to travel to Bandung while eating Sundanese food, there is nothing wrong if you stop by Punclut. The peak of Ciumbuleuit or commonly known as Punclut is often visited by tourists from various regions both day and night.

However, the beautiful scenery at night is the main attraction for visitors. So, don’t be surprised if when you visit at night, lots of visitors go back and forth to enjoy Sundanese cuisine with views of Mount Malabar and Patuha as eye refreshments.

via Dago Dream Park Even though it is still relatively new, Dago Dream Park should not be ruled out. The area is quite large and there are many instagramable spots, plus the cool and beautiful atmosphere is the main attraction of this Bandung tourist spot. You can enjoy a total of approximately 29 rides without being afraid to spend too much. The entrance ticket itself is sold at prices starting from 20 thousand only, while if you want to enjoy the rides provided, you have to buy tickets again, which are sold from 20 thousand to 35 thousand rupiah.

via Bukit Bintang Want to enjoy the beautiful view of the city of Bandung at night with roasted corn and a warm drink as a snack? Bukit Bintang can be one of the Bandung tours that you must visit at night. The place is fun and away from the crowds, making it the right treat for young people who want to spend a relaxing and romantic evening with their partner. Besides being treated to an enchanting view, Bukit Bintang is a good photo object for you to capture.

Regarding the location, Bukit Bintang is located in the Dago area, especially in Cimenyan Village. To get to this location, the distance is only about 30 minutes from downtown Bandung. It won’t take long especially if you go with friends. In addition to the relatively fast distance, the entry ticket is also quite cheap. You only need to spend 15 thousand rupiah to be able to enjoy the sparkling city of Bandung with cool breezes at night.

via Bandung Tour on Jalan Braga This Bandung tourist spot is different compared to other places on the list that Bob recommends this time. Yes, Jalan Braga is the only road that you should visit. Your night time will feel different when you enjoy it on Jalan Braga. This one street gives you a typical European atmosphere that you may rarely enjoy. You can visit various kinds of restaurants or cafes while walking leisurely while looking at the paintings that usually appear around the street.

via Bandung Square Who doesn’t know this place? Bandung square is one of the magnets and a favorite Bandung tourist spot for both Bandung people and outsiders. With a stretch of artificial grass and small gardens around it, you can play or just hang out and joke together in Bandung Square. In addition, you can also feel the splendor of the Bandung Square Mosque with its two stunning minarets at night.

via Gedung Sate It’s not complete if you visit the city of Bandung without a trip to Gedung Sate. Gedung Sate is one of the icons of Bandung tourism which is quite historic. It is called Gedung Sate because this building has a skewer-shaped ornament on it. Well, this historic building is a relic of the Dutch colonialists designed by J. Gerber. Construction itself began in 1920 and was completed four years later.

On certain dates every year, especially on the anniversary of the city of Bandung, there are usually events that you shouldn’t miss. In addition to enjoying the historic value and beauty of Gedung Sate at night, you can also hang out casually while enjoying this Bandung tour because there are many choices of restaurants or cafes selling various kinds of food according to taste.

via Not enough tourist attractions in Bandung that you can visit at night? In addition to providing a different sensation, these tourist attractions will certainly be a memorable experience while in the city of Bandung. After being tired of stopping by Bandung’s tourist attractions, there’s nothing wrong if you take a break in the available accommodations. Well, if you are confused about which accommodation to choose, Bobobox can be the right choice for you.

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Written on November 25, 2021